With the growing incidence of distribution and sale of counterfeit and substandard drugs in Nigeria, the Lagos State Government responded to the specifications of the World Health Organisation WHO) in its 29th Expert Committee on the need for every government to invest in an Independent Quality Control Laboratory. The State Government with the assistance of the World Bank set up a WHO medium size Drug Quality Control Laboratory (DQCL), a 5409 m3 purpose-built facility manned by highly skilled and experienced professionals and located within the LASUTH Complex, Ikeja in 2001.
The Drug Quality Control Laboratory (DQCL) has chemistry, microbiology and pharmacology units and is equipped with state-of-art equipment among which are:
– Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LCMS)
– Gas Chromatograph ½ Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)
– High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
– Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
– Potentiometer
– Class 3 Laminar Flow Safety Hood
– Air Sampler
– Dissolution Test Equipment
– Organ Bath, etc.
Services carried out by DQCL include the following:

i) Analysis of Regulated products such as drugs, foods, cosmetics, medical devices to show that they contain the correct ingredients in the correct proportions (Assay Analysis).

ii) Ascertain that Products are well-packaged in proper containers which bear correct label as approved by the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC).

iii) Collaboration with NAFDAC in the analyses of regulated products particularly drugs and water retrieved during their post surveillance operations. DQCL has analysed over 1000 regulated products for NAFDAC.

iv) Monitoring and ascertaining the quality of Drinking water produced by the Lagos Water Corporation in accordance with Lagos State Water Sector Law.

v) Pyrogen tests and product stability studies.

vi) Training of Laboratory Personnel in Analysis, Use of the Modern Equipment and Laboratory Management.

vii) Counselling services

Clients of Drug Quality Control Laboratory include:

i) Lagos State Water Corporation

ii) Swiss Pharma Ltd

iii) PZ Cussons Nigeria Ltd
iv)Phillips Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Ltd

v) Seagreen Pharmaceutical Ltd

vi) Vixa Pharmaceutical Ltd

vii) CHI Ltd

viii) Ecomed Pharma Ltd

ix) Fidson Healthcare Ltd

x) Greenfield Pharmaceuticals Ltd

xi) Tamar & Pharez Nig Ltd

xii) Tah Pharmaceuticals Ltd
xiii) Global Healthcare Ltd

xiv) Bradford Pharmaceuticals Ltd

xv) Alpha Pharmacy
xvi)Watsons Global Pharmaceuticals Ltd
xvii) Zolon Healthcare Ltd
xviii) Emzor Pharmaceuticals Ltd
xix) NASDMU (Nigerian Army Smallscale Drug Manufacturing Unit)
xx)Bond Chemical Company Ltd
xxi)Unique Pharmaceutical Ltd
xxii)Shreazar Healthcare Ltd
xxiii)Geneith Pharmaceuticals Ltd
xxiv)Pharmabase Nigeria Ltd

Collaboration with other Government Agencies
Directorate of Disease Control
• State Malaria Control Programme –Analysis of Residual Samples of Insecticides on walls of sprayed houses during Indoor Residual Spraying( IRS) programme
• Analysis of samples collected during epidemic outbreak of Cholera, incidences of food poisoning & other surveillance activities;
• Goitre Research Programme – Iodine determination in Water, salt, seafood, soil & cassava products
Directorate of Healthcare Planning Research & Statistics
• CBHIS Monitoring – Analysis of Drugs and Water
Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission
• Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality in Mayfair Garden Estate, Games Village Surulere
Ministry of Rural Development
• Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality in various water schemes
Maternal & Childcare Centres (MCC)
• Evaluation of Drinking Water Quality in different unit

The table shows the numbers of samples analysed at the DrugQuality Control Laboratory between 2007 & 2015
Samples analysed between 2007 AND 2014
S/N SAMPLE 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 TOTAL
1 Drug 333 514 456 433 424 269 375 251 3055
2 Water 56 46 40 36 47 56 48 51 380
3 LWC – – 88 42 41 38 56 50 315
4 Food 9 12 33 32 7 3 11 6 113
5 Cosmetics 33 36 23 31 12 18 7 37 197
6 Pesticides/IRS 3 – 2 6 1 240 – – 252
7 Others(Herbal/Goitre samples) 8 27 7 18 19 1 1 111 192
Total No. of samples 442 635 649 598 551 625 498 506 4504

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