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Drug Abuse Control Strategy

The Lagos State Inter-ministerial Drug Abuse Control Committee (in conjunction with NDLEA) was inaugurated in 1983 in recognition of the social, economic and health hazards posed by the problems associated with drug abuse, misuse and illicit drug trafficking. The committee, with secretariat in the Ministry of Health, also has representatives from the following:
a). Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development.

b). Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation

c). Ministry of Information and Strategy.

d). Ministry of Transportation.

e). Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

f). Ministry of Education

g). Lagos Television

2. The main objectives of the Committee are to:

a). Sensitize the populace to the increasing surge of drug abuse and consequent crime.

b). Mobilize support and participation of the populace in programmes.

c). To encourage the populace to support local initiatives in drug control.

d). To encourage the populace to live healthy life styles devoid of illicit drug use.

3. Particularly worrisome is the escalating use of alcohol and mind-altering drugs amongst our youth in Lagos State. This habit is closely linked with juvenile delinquency, school failure, HIV/AIDS transmission, violent crimes and a generally unsafe environment.
4. Various types of drug use are prevalent among the population. The use of illicit drugs cuts across all social strata but is more common amongst motor park workers, drivers, artisans, prostitutes, etc. Use of heroin and cocaine is more prevalent in Lagos and other metropolitan cities and common among street beggars. The use of Amphetamine-type substances is also increasing, especially in big cities such as Lagos.
5. The Committee undertakes various activities throughout the year based on the year’s theme provided by the NDLEA and disseminates information geared towards sensitization of the public to the scourge of drug abuse and illicit trafficking. Various Corporate bodies like MTN, Greenlife Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Aventis and Emzor Pharmaceuticals have supported the Committee in the past, with donations of T-Shirts and other Promotional materials.
The Committee in 2008 trained 208 teachers and health personnel on drug abuse sensitization skills. In 2009, the Local government and LCDA’s chapters were relaunched (57 of them); also in 2009, the Ministry of Health approved the publication of the following anti- drug abuse literature:
a) Drug, man and Society 2750 copies

b) Marijuana: Facts for Teenagers 3000 copies

c) Talk to your Child about Alcohol 2000 copies