In a move to oversee the progress of various medical infrastructure projects in Lagos State, the Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, accompanied by the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr. Olusegun Ogboye, conducted an inspection visit on Saturday to the construction site of the130-bed new Massey Street Children’s Hospital on Lagos Island.

Prof. Abayomi expressed Lagos State’s unwavering commitment to prioritising infant healthcare during the inspection visit. He underscored the importance of maternal and child welfare, highlighting the state’s proactive approach to ensuring the health of pregnant women and fostering a robust healthcare system from conception to delivery.

Addressing the need for a modern healthcare facility, the Commissioner acknowledged the challenges associated with accessing the old congested Massey Street Children’s Hospital. The upcoming New Massey Street Children’s Hospital, a 130-bed multi-floor specialist facility for paediatrics, is strategically designed to overcome these challenges and carry forward the legacy of Massey Street as a global healthcare institution.

Professor Abayomi revealed the plan for a multi-level car park with a capacity for 310 vehicles to address the envisaged high traffic in the new facility poised to become Nigeria’s largest children’s specialist hospital, which will offer comprehensive paediatric care, ranging from primary healthcare to specialised treatments.

Describing the project as a greenfield initiative, the Commissioner acknowledged the challenges faced in preparing the unused land for construction, including the excavation of decades-old waste. Despite initial hurdles, the commitment to sustainability led to the decision to make the hospital a low-carbon footprint, green building.

Prof. Abayomi elaborated on the hospital’s design intricacies, incorporating sustainable features such as solar energy, waste management, and optimal orientation to natural elements. The New Massey Street Children’s Hospital is presently undergoing accreditation processes for LEED and EDGE certifications, further validating its dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

Providing insights into the construction progress, the Commissioner emphasised meticulous quality control measures. He highlighted extensive testing procedures for materials, including concrete and steel columns, ensuring the integrity and durability of the structure. Prof. Abayomi reiterated the Governor’s commitment to building benchmark facilities with a focus on long-term sustainability.

Anticipating completion by the end of 2025, the New Massey Street Children’s Hospital aims to be a paediatric centre of excellence, offering specialised care for various disciplines in paediatric medicine. The surrounding area is earmarked for biotech facilities to support innovative approaches to paediatric healthcare.

Prof. Abayomi also reiterated the State Government’s commitment to universal healthcare coverage through initiatives like the Lagos State Health Insurance Scheme. The goal according to him, is to encourage medical professionals to contribute more to the development of a robust healthcare system within Lagos, ultimately making the city a leader in healthcare services on the continent by 2052.

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