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State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit (SEHMU)

The issue of corpses and dead animals on our roads and highways inherited from the immediate past administration constituted an irritating, embarrassing and environmentally unpleasant sight not to mention its public health implications.
Though, removal of corpses from the highways is the statutory responsibility of local government councils, neglect of this activity by the LGAs occasioned an executive mandate to be given by the State Governor to the Ministry of Health to take over the duty of ridding our highways and roads of corpses.
Consequently, the Lagos State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit (SEHMU) was launched on August 21, 2000 to rid the streets of Lagos State of corpses and other health-related hazards.

• Prompt removal of corpses / dead bodies from high ways, Street, Disaster/Accident Sports, Designated Hospitals with the state to protect public health this preventing epidemics (SEHMU)
• To prevent epidemic associated with decomposing dead bodies.
• To keep the city of Lagos free of dead bodies
• To demonstrate the respect the present administration has for the living and dead.
• Investigation of public health complaints.
• Inspection of markets, abattoirs, regulated premises and other public places.
• Serving of abatement notice on defaulters of public health and environmental sanitation Laws.
• Pest control Services such as disinfection and general sanitation measure at pick up site, disaster sport, offices and residents.

Total corpse collected / picked / carted away to mortuary
General Hospital Lagos – 1252
Massey Island Maternity Hospital – 2013
Lagos Island Maternity Hospital- 3590
Onikan Health Centre – 526
Orile Agege General Hospital – 166
Other Hospitals – 1043
Street of Lagos – 3289
Under 1 year old – 4814
Under 5 years old – 310
Total no of Adults – 5331
Total no of Males – 7285
Total no of Females – 4813
Total corpse delivered to Mortuary – 12,098

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